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I'm Sumit Pandey, Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Digital Marketer, Sales Expert, Speaker from Nepal.

Motivation is a key to life. Pondering into something with a deep and intense feeling with a practice of being oneself can make a person worthy. No one knows , how they are born and couldn’t find, how they will die. Start living for present. Without a goal, one cannot pursue a goal. Inner peace strengthens oneself and give ability to enjoy the life for the fullest.

My Services


I encourage the development of positive mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth. Specifically, through therapy, I support client's autonomy, encourage personal expression, promote life-long learning and personal achievement.

Life Coach and Trainer

But do you sometimes still hear a self-defeating inner voice? The one that whispers, " There is only one way a life can unfold - you'll fall in line with the establishment. You don't really know what you're doing." What if you could transform the inner voice and unleash a sweeping sense of possibility for your life? What if your inner voice shouted, : Where are the paths in life I haven't yet explored? Let's go find them!" What if there was nothing holding you back? What If?

Sales Expert

Sales oriented professional with expertise in client relationship management, customer satisfaction and retention, and people management. Exceeding monthly sales goal resulting in annual increases. Innovative marketing strategy that increases revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Get the word out. Whether you need to setup a social media contest, build your profile page or automate your communications. I'm your guy.

Content Writing

If you're an ecommerce business owner or marketing director, you know the competition is steep. In order to come out on top, you have to convert casual visitors into loyal customers. How do you do that? By captivating them with quality web copy that translates features into benefits and providing them with valuable information via optimized blog content.

Motivate yourself so that no one can destroy you.

Be brave like a lion, roar, be angry, be hungry.

Worked With

CASE Construction Equipment

Huaxin Cement

Dhaatu Nepal

Kirloskar Generator

Honda Cars

Trans ACT Global





A rare combination of technical knowledge and managerial skill, ambitious, but kind-hearted and friendly. An excellent colleague and a real life friend.
Ranjit Mahato
Service Manager at Kesharichand Bhanwarlall
Sumit is very motivational to all the young people who wanna achieve something in there life. Very good team leader who can take his own decisions and helpful for the people who are in need. Proud of you my friend.
Shilpa G
Design Engineer in Legion Energy
Sumit is the most determined student I've ever meet, I've been teaching him Chinese language for the last 4 months and he is fluent in Chinese through his dedication and strong work ethic. A person who is always ready to take up challenges.
Bipin Dangol
Officer Academics and Placement International School of Tourism
Mr. Sumit is motivated, forward-thinking and also intelligent who has a lot of knowledge in his field. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking Engineer but also an inspiring team player.
Shushil Yadav
Mechanical Engineer at Huaxin Cement Co. Ltd



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